Are your phones unlocked?

Yes! All of our devices are unlocked to any carrier, so you can keep your same number with your same service.

Can I really get an iPhone 14 for only $50 down?

Yes you can! With Payvantage and Progressive Leasing and you can get an iPhone 14 for $50 down if you get paid every week (double if you get paid bi weekly) and with Acima you can get any phone (or multiple phones) all for $80 down.

Why do I need to give my social security number on the payvantage application if they do not check credit?

Payvantage asks for your social because they still need to verify your identity and confirm that you are who you say you are. They also need to make sure that your information lines up with your bank information so that they know that it is your bank account being used. 

Why do I need to link my bank account to get approved with Payvantage?

For Payvantage to be a true no credit check, they have to use your direct deposit payroll to get you approved. They used to accept pictures of your paystubs, but ran into too much fraud. This is the only way they can guarantee you do receive direct deposit payroll and can guarantee the exact amount of your payroll.

My bank isn't accepted, what should I do?

If your bank is not able to link with Payvantage then we would have to do a manual approval, which involves sending a screenshot of your direct deposits showing: the amount, date received, employer name, and the profile page showing that it is the same name you applied with. On the Acima or Progressive Leasing application, if it says the routing number is wrong, even though you know it’s correct, then they do not support that bank. 

I got approved, what are the next steps?

When you get approved we will reach out to you with which phone(s) will fit your approval amount, what the small initial payment would be, and how much the payment would be on the days that you get paid. Then all you need is to make the initial payment with a card and the phone is yours to take home. The whole process takes about 15-30 minutes.